Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Do you have subsidiaries, ownership, or formal affiliations with any other relocation suppliers?
mobilitymatters does not have any formal affiliations or ownership in any other relocation service organizations. Supplier relationships are based independently and solely on a “best in class” approach to qualification, participation and ongoing awards of business opportunity.
Is your company for sale or otherwise anticipating involvement with a merger, acquisition, divestiture or other relationship?

No, mobilitymatters is not for sale or involved in any merger or acquisition. As a current veteran-owned company, we will be transitioning to a certified Women-owned status soon by bringing valued long-term employees into the ownership group.

What is your client retention rate for the past three years?

100% – in fact since our inception, mobilitymatters has never had a client terminate our service.

How many people from your organization will our employees be in contact with?

This is an important differentiator in our industry. mobilitymatters prides itself in providing the highest level of personal service in the industry – through one single Counselor who represents all services to each transferee. Our Counselors handle each move from start to finish without relying on others for contact. Turn-around time, responsiveness, and accessibility are at the forefront of everything we do.

Can you help us develop a more current and effective relocation policy?

mobilitymatters started as a Consulting Company for both Corporations and for Relocation Management Companies. As a result, creative policy development promoting company-wide uniformity and minimizing program exceptions is our specialty.

What if my employees have questions that I am unable to answer?

Different than other companies in our Industry, mobilitymatters ‘s Counselors answer most calls live, but are required to respond in less than 2 hours to any inquiry. Our Counselors are available 7 days per week, with weekend accessibility for critical tasks such as signing of home sale contracts.

Is there anything that is unique about your management structure?

mobilitymatters has a “flat non-bureaucratic” management structure encouraging employee involvement and empowerment in decisions. Clients have direct access to the principals within our organization. There is no vast hierarchy to work through, thereby streamlining all interactions.

What happens if I receive a contract on my home over the weekend?

Our Counselors are available on weekends for emergencies and are definitely available to sign contracts.

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